Decorations to Make your Backyard Garden Stand Out

As spring and summer approach avid gardeners are preparing to launch this year’s backyard gardens. Profusions of color and fragrance are eagerly fostered and nurtured as those first blooms appear. Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying a spring or summer day in your own backyard enjoying the fruits of your labors.

No matter what varieties of flowers and foliage you plan for your garden, you will need to offset the beauty of the plant life with some well thought out decorations to pull your garden together. Only then can you truly sit out on the backyard furniture enjoying a summer cookout or family gathering to its fullest potential. Here are some decorations to make your backyard garden stand out.

Backyard Garden Decorations

  • DIY Stepping Stones: DIY stepping stones are and easy and inexpensive way to jazz up your garden space. These even make a great project to do with the kids. You will need some aluminum round cake pans, contact paper, Vaseline and quick set concrete. You will also need some old cups, saucers or plates that have designs that appeal to you. Put the cups, saucers and plates in a bag a couple of pieces at a time. Close the bag and gently break the glassware with a hammer. Cut a piece of contact paper in the shape of the cake pan and place it sticky side up in the cake pan. Arrange your broken glass in a design you like, coat the sides of the pan with Vaseline and pour the mixed concrete into the pan. You may want to layer a piece of wire mesh or chicken wire in the concrete to stabilize the stone. Let the stone dry for two days, and then remove it carefully, peel off the contact paper and seal the stone with a coat of marine varnish.
  • Brick Books: For book lover, brick books will enliven your garden with your favorite book titles. Place the bricks parallel and paint the “spines” to mimic your favorite books. Line open spaces with fanciful brick books for an imaginary book case that brings to life your favorite books and characters.
  • Glazed Jar Lights: Line your walkway, patio or back porch with glazed jar lights. They are easy to make yourself. Find used canning jars at thrift stores or flea markets. Use clear tinted glaze in colors that match your garden’s color scheme. Drop a battery operated tea light in the bottom of the jar and place along the areas you want to accent.
  • Vintage Iron Planters: Vintage iron planters or plant stands are one of the hottest garden accents to be had right now. You can find them easily at flea markets, antique malls and local auctions. The great thing about them is that it doesn’t matter how beat up they are! A wire brush and a couple of cans of spray paint can modernize them or give you truly aged vintage look.

These great ideas for decorations to make your backyard garden stand out are easy and inexpensive ways to make the most of your garden space. Enjoy this growing season to the fullest!

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