Four Gardening Tips

Gardening TipsIf you love gardening you may feel that you know just about everything there is to know about keeping your garden alive and well. You know all of the basic things and for the most part it’s enough. When you know better you do better, and your garden will be even better when you learn what you never knew before. There are millions of tips and facts about gardening that many people would be shocked to find out and it is always good to learn new things no matter how old you are or how many years you have been a gardener. Here are four gardening tips you never knew about.

Native plants are better


Did you know that planting native plants are better for the environment because it cultivates our native insects and animals which in turn help the ecosystem? It is encouraged to create a garden that will serve as food, water, shelter, and cover for the environment. Not only will your garden provide for you, but it should provide for the birds, insects, and any other natural species that needs nourishment. Check out Helpful Gardener for more detailed information about this phenomenon.

Grow your plants in a bag


Growing plants from seeds are sometimes difficult and some of the seeds never sprout. Transplanting them to the ground can also be shocking to the plant. Try seeding your plants in a brown paper bag. Spray the bag with vegetable oil, let dry and fill it with your potting soil and seeds or seedlings. Once the plant is big enough to transplant, plant the bag and all into the ground. No need to remove it from the bag and shock the plant. The bag will slowly decompose into the soil.

Clever way to debug your plants


Seeing your plants full of holes from bugs are highly irritating, and most of the time you never actually see the bug in action. This may be because the bugs are under the leaves and the best way to get rid of them is to spray pesticides under the leaves. A clever way to check for bugs is to mount a mirror on a stick and as you walk through your garden place the mirror under the plant leaves to see what you can find.

Getting rid of gnats


Have you ever noticed that your home is suddenly filled with gnats from your lovely potted plant? This is something that may have driven you to get rid of the entire plant in the past.  A great way to get rid of the gnats is to fill a bowl with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. Sit the bowl next to your plant and the gnats will fly into the bowl and out of your plant. Problem solved.

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