Create a Rain Barrel

Rain BarrelConserving resources and doing what is beneficial for the environment is a great approach to live a clean, green life. We hear a lot of suggestions from environmentalists about using renewable energy, buying organic earth-friendly products, and wasting less.

One of the ways to make your own small contribution in this regard, and also to save yourself some cash, is creating a rain barrel to recycle rainwater. This can be an easy DIY project that you need just a few things for. Read on to find out how to make a rain barrel inexpensively in just a couple of hours.

Step 1

Gather the needed materials. These include:

* Landscaping Fabric

* 1 large plastic garbage can- any size you want

* 1 tube of watertight sealant

* 2 metal washers

* 2 rubber washers

* 1 hose clamp

* 1 spigot

* A drill

Step 2

Drill a hole as close to the bottom of the barrel as possible for the spigot. This is where the collected water will flow out from. Drill another hole on the top of the barrel. This hole will sit under your home’s downspout so the water from the roof runs right into the barrel. You also need a third hole at the top to allow water to overflow. (A good idea is to run a hose or PVC pipe from the overflow hole to another barrel to collect even more water.)

Step 3

Now place a metal washer onto the threaded end of the spigot, followed by a snug fitting rubber washer to help hold the metal washer in place and prevent leakage. Apply a bead of waterproof sealant over the rubber washer and insert the spigot into the hole. Wait for the sealant to dry. Now place a rubber washer, followed by a metal washer onto the threads of the spigot inside the barrel. Use a hose clamp to tightly secure the spigot in place. Make sure the spigot does not move, or it will come loose from your barrel.

Step 4

All you need to do now is cut a piece of landscaping fabric and place it over the top of your barrel. Then place the lid of the barrel on top to secure the fabric. This will prevent mosquitoes or other water-loving pests from getting into the collected water.

Step 5

Now that you are all done, all that’s left to do is to place the barrel on level ground (or on a platform) directly underneath your downspout. Now do the rain dance to coax Mother Nature to bring on the rain!

The water that you collect in your rain barrel can be used for gardening, watering houseplants, washing your car, or watering the lawn. In most areas, you can collect more than a thousand gallons of water a year. With a rain barrel, not only do you recycle the lost rainwater, you also help alleviate the burden of water shortages- all while saving yourself a good amount of money.

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