Design a Kitchen

The first room in the home that seems rundown and tired is usually the kitchen, because it is the room that everyone uses every day. People tend to keep the same kitchen décor for centuries and the dated appliances don’t help the situation at all. When you know it’s time for a new look in the kitchen, try creating something unique and different. Here is how to design a contemporary kitchen that will fit your needs. Let your budget be your starting point, even if all you can afford is a can of paint.

Start with some color


The right color can energize your kitchen and take it to another level. Having one dominate color and adding accents of another bold color will give your kitchen a contemporary feel. If you choose the color white, it would be stylish to have everything white including the cabinets and fixtures with a splash of color on one wall or the furniture. Try different color schemes and see how you can come up with something fresh and new.

Design a Contemporary Kitchen

Simplicity is key


Clean lines and smooth textures is what will help to gain your contemporary look. Choose updated appliances with soft edges such as the stainless steel options that are so popular. Do not use fabrics with busy patters that you will soon tire of. Get rid of the clutter in your kitchen by getting things off of the counter tops. Hide things that you don’t often use in your cabinets and storage areas.

Try something new


If you are sick of the plain common cabinet, try using floating shelves to show off your dishes. You could even combine the two elements with a shorter cabinet and a floating shelf under it. Fill these shelves with dishes that are all one color and they will make your kitchen pop with the solid color wall in the background. Update your sink with new faucets and hardware. That alone will help your kitchen arrive in the 21st century.

Be bold


Try using bold color tiles and a fancy back splash to liven things up. Pick out some unique light fixtures that will add life and sparkle to your kitchen design. Try a seamless marble countertop that continues throughout your kitchen design, and enjoy the beauty of having some luxury in your home. Open up your cabinets with a glass-front to give a peak at your dishes, or keep them hidden with frosted glass instead. There is so much you can do with cabinets that will bring your kitchen up to date, from colors to design choice, the options are endless.

For more detailed ideas on how to turn your kitchen into a contemporary oasis go to  and take a look at the many wonderful designs that you can achieve.

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