Install a PA System in your Home – It’s not as Hard as you Think

Install a PA System in your HomeDo you enjoy being able to listen to music in your home? Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to have guests over, or just listen to an audio book while you’re cleaning. Having a good sound system can open an entirely new world for you, but many people are often unsure of how to install a good PA system into their home.

Installing a new PA system is easier than you think. Here are a few tips to follow when you’re getting ready to install one, or if you’re considering too.


Choose the Locations for Your Components


There are a lot of wires and installing involved when it comes to a PA system. While you may be tempted to install yours right away, be patient. Plan out where you plan to install your system and components. You want your speakers to be in places where the sound will come out the best, and where you want to mount them.

Think about where you’re going to be listening to your speakers from and focus on aiming the sound to those locations. The living room and dining room usually handle surround sound best, and have enough room for speakers to be about eight feet apart. You may even want to install speakers near or on the ceiling since that allows the sound to reach further.

Begin to Cut Out the Holes for the Keypads and Speakers


Don’t begin to cut holes unless you’re absolutely sure you want the speakers or keypads to go into that location. Use blue tape or pencil to mark out the area where you’re planning to install the speakers. You can use a metal coat hanger to push through the drywall to check for any obstacles before you mount anything. If you feel the coat hanger hit a snag, it means you need to choose a new location.

Begin to thread the wires through the Walls


Once you’ve picked out your spots and have the holes drilled through, begin to pull the wires through the walls. You may want to poke a reference wire through the ceiling if you’re mounting a speaker on the ceiling, and drop a weighted string down through the top plate where the cables will be threading through the attic. Attach the cables to this string, and pull them through.

Connect the Cables and Your Equipment


You’ve finally reached the last step, congratulations! During this stage, all you have to do is connect the cables together. Connecting the wires will be easy, but be sure to follow the instructions on how to connect the wires carefully. Once you’re sure the wires are in place, connect them to your equipment. Mount your speakers into their respective places, make sure they’re secure, and you’re done.

Enjoy your new PA system!

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