Learn How to Hang a New Bedroom Door

How to Hang a New Bedroom DoorHaving a good strong bedroom door is essential for privacy and intimacy. After the arrival of children that door will be the saving grace that keeps you from completely losing your mind. Investing in a good solid wooden door will keep out the noise and help you to regain some peace from the silence. Learn how to hang a new bedroom door for your home and keep everyone happy. Here are some essential steps that will help you understand how to install a door that will last and endure for a long time.

Step 1

You can find a door that the knob hole has already been precut, or you can cut it yourself with special tools. On the edge that does not contain the knob hole, trim the door to fit your doorway.

Step 2

Prepare your door for the hinges. If you have an old door to use as a template that would help, if not, have a helper to hold the door up while you measure the area for where the hinges will go. Mark the areas with a pencil and lay the door down for the next step.

Step 3

Take a chisel and carefully cut out the wooden area where the hinges will lay. The hinges should be flush to the door by the time you are done. If you cut too deep use some cardboard to make up the difference. This is also the time to drill the holes for the mortise lockset, cylinder lockset and spindle hole, if it has not already been pre-cut.

Step 4

Prime, paint, and seal your door at this time after all of the drilling and cutting has been completed. Stain it if you like, but make sure that you have painted/stained it on all six sides.  Let it dry completely before you hang it up.

Step 5

Place the hinges on the door and hang it in place. You may need a helper to hold the door up when you try to place it into the hinge slots and putting in the pins. If you don’t have a helper, try propping the door up with slats instead.

Step 6

Place the knobs and hardware on the door. Check your knobs to see how well they can turn. If they are hard to maneuver you have to loosen the screws up a bit and adjust it to your satisfaction. Stand back and admire your work. You did it.

To see all of this in action go to https://youtu.be/MWWkWuAWIBk and educate yourself on how to install a new bedroom door. If it all looks intimidating just hire a professional to get the job done for you. That would most likely be the easiest way to get it done the quickest too.

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