Make your Bathroom Look a Little More Rustic

Rustic BathroomThe great thing about rustic home decor is how simple it is to make! This design trend is all about taking old things around the house and use them to get a vintage feel to your space. Who knows what kind of vibe you can create by simply wrapping twine around a few sticks that you pick up from the woods. Who can turn down the idea of a project that is so adorable and easy to pull off?

Most of us don’t have that beautiful dream home, so having the bathroom storage and functionality that we’d like is a real issue. Lots of stuff and lots of people with nowhere to put it all. So how do we design this space to be beautiful and function like it should be? One possibility is to get rid of stuff and just keep what we really need. Another way to solve this little conundrum, get a space that’s stylish and modern and not have to redecorate every time we turn around is to use good ‘ol dependable white paint and some texture, like beadboard. That’s just one of the reasons why this contemporary rustic approach works so well. Here are 6 tips to help pull this off and make it work for your home:

1. Work in Twos and Threes

Symmetrical pairs and triplets just look great and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Any time you can have two sets of two and/or three it gives order to any space. So when designing your bathroom and looking for a nice clean look, think in terms of twos and threes. Match up a double sink with tall mirrors, flanked by triple sconces and you’ll achieve a nice polished look.

2. Add Some Texture

Don’t you just love moldings and wainscoting? Don’t be fooled by a neutral color scheme. Give it some punch with texture on the walls or ceiling, plus some colorful accents. Check a wainscoting guide to get just the right style for your bathroom, your skill set and your budget.

3. Find Some Unused Space

Ever considered gaining some extra storage by using the space between the studs? A curious mind can accomplish much in a small space.

4. Just Be Vane

And how about that vanity? Just adding an open vanity can really make the space look larger, but this is a good way to blow the budget real quick! Try using an existing dresser, table or a builder grade open vanity. You might be surprised with what you come up with.

5. Make a Statement

Many of us like to make a statement in our baths and you can do that with a piece that you love, like your sink or faucet. Look through all of the magazines, browse through the vintage yards. You’ll know it when you see it.

6. Storage With Style

Need to add back in some tidy storage? Try a large basket under that open vanity. Or use vintage or repurposed glass jars to store bathroom supplies, like soap and salts. What a useful and beautiful solution!

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