Rose Planting Tips (Video)

“… Roses are one of the most beautiful and traditional flowers that you can have in your garden and they’re very easy to grow. They’re like other plants that don’t need a lot of care, they just need a sunny spot with good drainage. Pretty much all you need is a root of a bulb, or roots. Roses come from a root so you need a root that’s healthy and a root that has some kind of growth and some kind of life. This rose doesn’t look the best but it’s still going to grow so when I plant it, I want to make sure that the roots are covered but that the stem is out of the ground. When I dig my hole I want to have room for the roots to really multiple. You always want to dig your hole bigger than your plant just so you can dig up some of the soil and that it has something to grab onto and then when the roots grow too, they’ve got some soft soil to grab to. I’m planting this so that the dirt is going to cover where the roots are and then the starts are going to come out. Whether you use a shovel or your hand, just be careful because the roses are kind of prickly. I pretty much just kind of cover it up and another trick too, is a little stamping it down a little bit, helps, it seems, it just retains more water and doesn’t fall over when the first wind hits it. Now I have a beautiful rose planted in the garden and it was easy to do, it only took me about a minute and a half and you can do it too in your yard. Roses are very easy to grow, sunny spot, good drainage, give it lots of water, once you’ve transplanted it and it’ll come back for years and years.”
Yolanda Vanveen