Three Improvements you can make to your Kitchen Today

Kitchen ImprovementsYou may remember walking into your brand new home with the kitchen of your dreams and feeling like there would never be a thing you would want to change. Fast forward fifteen years later- the kids are grown up, you have made beautiful memories around the kitchen table, and your home is, unfortunately, starting to show signs of age.

Now when you take a look around, you feel there is so much you would like to change. And that is perfectly fine. Upgrading your home, especially your kitchen can be a good thing. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are two of the best investments you can make in your house. And they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either.

Whether it is for your own use and comfort, or from a buyer’s point of view (if you are thinking of selling your house), upgrading your kitchen adds much to the appeal of your home. Let’s look at three easy and affordable improvements you can make to your kitchen today.

  • Give your kitchen a quick facelift. This is easily accomplished by replacing the faucets, cabinet door handles, and lighting fixtures. These “cosmetic” replacements will not cost you much for parts, labor, or time. For a few hundred dollars you can really give your kitchen an updated and brighter look! If you are handy or have a bigger budget, you can also refinish the drawers and cabinets to make them look like new.
  • Consider getting new appliances. While your trusty oven or dishwasher may have given you years of good use, investing in new appliances is a great idea. As time passes, companies come up with better appliances that make your life easier because of great functionality, sleek, modern designs that are aesthetically pleasing, and are more energy efficient so you save on your electric bill. If you have had one or more appliance break down and replaced at different times, you may have mismatching appliances, which tends to give your kitchen a dated look. While this is a more expensive improvement, remember that investing in new appliances once, will add value for a long time.
  • Give the walls and floor a new look. You can really jazz things up in your kitchen by changing the wallpaper or backsplash. This could either be a DIY project or you could have them professionally installed. Wallpaper tends to peel or get faded or spotty over time. A backsplash of any material also tends to accumulate grease. While regular cleaning does help to keep these looking good, replacing them with newer, modern designs will make your kitchen look much more appealing. Switching up an old jaded flooring has the same effect.

Making your kitchen look updated is one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your home, as well as getting more comfort and enjoyment from it for years to come. So update it- your kitchen, after all, is the heart of your home.

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