Top Bathroom Vanity Styles

Fashion And Functionality


Bathroom Vanity StylesThat vanity in your bathroom does much more than produce water. It’s a place to lay towels, store hairdryers and anything else you want out of sight. But most important is its ability to dress up the bathroom in any style you like.

When it comes to choosing your vanity you’re only limited by the size of the bathroom and your budget. It ranges from simple to ornate, utilitarian to pieces of art. Some are actually pieces of furniture.

Before you go and blow your budget, be sure you understand what’s available and what you need to take into consideration. Then go for it!

Considerations To Think About When Choosing A Vanity


Your vanity gets used many times in a day and if it’s not suited for your needs, you’ll know it pretty quickly.

Here are some considerations to think about:

  • Family makeup and primary users of the bathroom
    What kind of bathroom do you have? Is it a master bath with little traffic, or is it a family bath with people coming and going all day long? If it’s a family bath you’ll be getting a lot of traffic as well as wear and tear. Sturdy surfaces and cabinetry may be the order of the day.
  • Bathroom vanities are essentially cabinets – construction and space counts
    Most bathroom vanities sit on top of base cabinets. Consider how much cabinet space you need for the size of the room.
  • Other work in the bathroom might be required
    Depending on the vanity you choose, you may be looking at other work that will be needed in the bathroom. If you’re putting in a new vanity that has a different footprint from the old vanity, you may need to have addition work done in the room. For example, if your new vanity is higher or lower than the old, you may have to adjust the plumbing.
  • Choose an appropriate vanity top to fit your situation
    If you have a situation that undergoes a lot of rugged use, you may need to consider a vanity that will withstand all of that. Some vanities have choices in materials while others do not. Some are already equipped with a vanity on top.

Regardless of the bathroom needs that you have, be sure to choose a style that will work for you. The exception may be where space is so limited that a pedestal sink might be the best choice.

What Styles Can I Choose From?


So now it’s time for the fun part. Shopping for a bathroom vanity that will knock your socks off.  And just get rid of the notion that vanities have to look like cheap cabinet boxes with a preformed laminate top. You have choices!

  • Conventional Cabinets – these are pretty traditional bathroom vanities and are realty just bathroom cabinets. They’re built just like kitchen cabinets with a framed construction. They usually sit on the floor just like a kitchen cabinet with a toe-kick. They’re solid and work very well.
  • Furniture Style Vanities – if you’re looking for something special, these can give you a little added style. They can look much like other pieces of furniture. They can be authentic furniture or just look like it. These can also have drawers and other individual accents. And they can sit on the floor or have legs to be raised off the floor.
  • Integral or Vessel Sinks – you can always go with the conventional sink that drops down from the vanity top, or you can go with some flair with a sink that sits on top of the vanity, like a bowl. Just don’t forget that this raises the sink level and may require special plumbing, like a wall-mounted spigot.
  • Reproduction or Antique – If you like the look of antique furniture you have the option of original pieces or you can go with a reproduction. These usually do require some modification.


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